Mikindani street, off Nkrumah Road, Mombasa.

Water Sources

Baricho - Sabaki Well field

This is the main source of supply to Mombasa
Design capacity : 96,000m³/day
Commissioned : in 1981
Length: 105km
Size : 700 – 900mm diameter (28”- 36”)
Pipeline make: Ductile Iron
Pipeline capacity: 60,000m3./day
Currently supplying: 27,000M³/day

Also supplies water to Malindi, Kilifi and the surrounding areas

Marere Pipeline

This is the oldest pipeline
Design Capacity: 8,000m³/day
Commissioned : 1927,
Length: 42km,
Size: 425mm (17”)
Pipeline Make: Ductile Iron
Currently Supplying to Mombasa :
about 2,500m³/day (when uninterrupted)

This pipeline also serves Kwale and Kinango

Mzima Pipeline

This is the second biggest water source
Design capacity: 35,000m³/day
Commissioned : in 1957,
Length : 227 Km,
Size : 24” – 36” or 500 – 900mm diameter,
Pipeline make: Asbestos Concrete (AC) and steel
Location : At Mzima Springs
Current supply : About 15,000m³/day to Mombasa
Also serves Voi, Maungu, Taru, Mariakani, Mazeras, Kaloleni etc

Tiwi Boreholes

Capacity : 10,000m³/day
Commissioned: between 1971- 2002
Length: 12 km
Size: 200mm diameter (8”)
Pipeline Make: UPVC and Asbestos cement
Current Supply to Mombasa: about 2,000m³/day
Also serves Ukunda, Diani, Matuga and Tiwi Area


Mikindani street, off Nkrumah Road, Mombasa.

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